Earthquakes around the world are opening cracks in the earth and swallowing cities! As a member of FAULTSURFERS, an elite squad of dudes with grappling hooks, your job is to save as many civilians as you can from the carnage. Good luck, and don't fall too deep!

How to Play

The game is controlled using a mouse. By aiming and using left-click you can launch off of falling objects with your grappling hook. Use this to move around and keep yourself in the air! When charged (green cursor), you can right-click to perform a powerful mid-air dash towards the cursor. This can be used to gain lots of height or break debris before it knocks you down.

You can also press F to toggle fullscreen mode, which may be handy for the web version!


The goal of the game is to get points by rescuing falling civilians. Grab them by touching them or grappling off of them. You'll get more points for grabbing civilians at lower depths. Grabbing multiple civilians in a row will start a combo, which multiplies your points while active. You can also dash through debris to increase and extend your combo value!


Going deep isn't just a good source of points--it comes at a risk. If you fall below a depth of 500m, you will die! Be sure to grapple debris as it falls to maintain your height, and don't forget that your dash can save you in a pinch!


Made for LÖVE Jam 2022. All code & assets except for music were created by Hugues Ross during the jam.

In-game music is "Level 3" by Juhani Junkala, released under CC0, downloaded from

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorHugues Ross
Made withLÖVE
TagsArcade, Score Attack
Average sessionA few minutes


Windows Executable 6 MB
AppImage 5 MB
.love File 2 MB


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great little minigame, particuarly enjoyed the sense of chaos and the smooth performance in broswer. the theme was nice too. thanks for sharing :)


Pretty cool! I reached 1,400,000 or so. I missed the final result screen as I kept clicking, struggling for my life.

Some suggestions:

  1. Display score (and possibly combo modifier) when rescuing someone. This way you can value rescuing people deeper more, as you can see you get a higher score. Right now you have to check your score before and after rescue and compute the difference, while falling!
  2. Add a special unit to rescue who falls fast at first, but then more slowly (maybe counter-intuitively) as it gives the player more chance to go down and rescue that unit in extremis. Currently you rarely risk your life because it’s hard to hook down units already too low (see *), and not worth the extra points anyway. While it would be cool to see someone you’re ready to risk your life for (since there is not much narration, that would be through point rewards!)
  3. Add a delay before allowing player to skip result screen at the end. You generally click like crazy when you’re about to die, so it’s likely you keep clicking when you do die and the final score appears; causing you to miss it (alternatively, storing high score and display somewhere would work; but only if your last score was your best score so far).
  • Has the hook a very long or infinite distance? I could grab items out of view just by clicking in the direction of the hint arrow. It helped me a lot! It seems that distance is made shorter toward objects below you, to avoid accidentally going down (in counterpart it’s hard to rescue someone who already got past you). You can still do it with units visible on screen and it makes you go down pretty fast, adding some spices!